But before you close the browser, no, we’re not going to serenade you with retro Thirty Merc… We are however, going to give you 20 good reasons you should sign up to Bridge to Brisbane Day 2016.

To be totally honest, there are far more than 20 things we love about Bridge to Brisbane Day 2016 (even if we do say so ourselves) but given the fact that this year marks two decades since Brisbane’s best fun run first found its stride, we thought we would settle for one point for every year. Here goes…


  1. Whole DAY of entertainment – Live bands, cheer squads, celebrities and exclusive offers, we’ve got a jam packed day of entertainment lined up for race goers to celebrate all thing Brisbane well past the finish line.


  1. Story Bridge – This will be the FIRST TIME since opening in 1940, that the Story Bridge is closing for a sporting event, and it’s all so that our fit and fierce race goers can stride along the roadway for the oh-so-scenic view. This is your chance to be part of history in the making.


  1. Finishers Village – If you’ve ever wanted your Cathy Freeman hero finisher moment, this is it, because this year the race finishes on Little Stanley Street where South Bank will come alive with entertainment and exclusive offers for runners.


  1. Bib-ileges – Bridge to Brisbane Day is officially taking over South Bank and to help celebrate crossing the finish line we are teaming up with a whole host of businesses to give you exclusive deals, known as Bib-ileges.


  1. Start Locations – With all of the road closures that help make Bridge to Brisbane Day possible, getting to the start line can sometimes be harder than getting to the finish line! But this year, both the 5km and 10km starting lines are conveniently located right next to Brisbane’s major transportation hubs.


  1. Free Transportation – Oh, did we also mention that public transport is FREE for all race goers until 3pm on race day? All you need to do is wear your race number to activate the FREE transport.


  1. Fundraising for a charity of your choice – Do you run for a cause or have a passion that keeps you motivated? Through the official Every Day Hero Bridge to Brisbane Day page you can fundraise for any charity in Queensland!


  1. Scenic 10km course – Bridge to Brisbane Day is about celebrating the best of Brisbane, which is why we’ve featured some of Brisbane’s most iconic landmarks along the 10km course. Find out the full course details right here.


  1. Jam packed 5km course – Running over the Story Bridge not once, but twice you’ll have double the opportunities to snap that perfect cityscape pic. Find the full course details right here.


  1. Join a team – Prefer to do things in numbers? Why not grab your besties, work colleagues, or family and sign up together for a 5km or 10km walk? We couldn’t think of a better way to hold yourself accountable!


  1. Dress up – Not that you need an excuse, but did you know the best dressed individual wins $300 and best dressed team wins $500? Time to bring out the fairy wings and tutus we say!


  1. Atmosphere – With an expected 25,000+ runners to cross the Bridge to Brisbane Day start line, you’ll have someone with you every step of the way to help you achieve your #BestTimeBNE


  1. It’s a family event – Join the 1,000s who run, walk or jog with their little ones on race day. Plus if you want to push your little bub in a stroller you can do so for FREE!


  1. New you! – As the temperature cools down, it’s the perfect time of year to kick-start your fitness regime with a goal in sight. Set yourself a Bridge to Brisbane Day challenge and get your runners on!


  1. You get two finishing times – Competing in the event will give you two times. One is your race time, and the other is your Hero Time – this is your race time, minus a second for every dollar you raise! So the more your raise, the better your Hero Time will be!


  1. Prizes – Did you know that the largest sum of money goes to the best hero time? You could bag yourself an impressive $5000! Step to it and set up an official Everyday Hero Bridge to Brisbane Day page now.


  1. Free T-shirt – All Bridge to Brisbane Day participants will receive a free T-shirt in their registration pack as a welcoming gift to the Bridge to Brisbane Day community – consider it your official initiation into the pack!


  1. Get your #BestTimeBNE – Whatever your goal, we’ll have someone with you every step of the way. For both the 10km & 5km races, pacers will be on hand to make it feel like a breeze achieving your #BestTimeBNE


  1. Live music – Nothing gives you a boost like a good song! Our live entertainment will extend way beyond the Finishers Village and onto the course to give you some motivation when you need it the most.


  1. 5km guided warm up – To kick-start the adrenaline and reduce any pre-race anxiety, we’ve got a killer warm up planned to get you moving!


What are you most excited for about this year’s race? Are you celebrating something big this year? Let us know in the comments or share your happy snaps with us on Facebook and Instagram by using #BestTimeBNE.


We’ve all been told time and time again by parents, coaches, and PE teachers: “don’t forget to stretch before you run!” And rightly so – stretching is incredibly important. But did you know that there are certain types of stretches that are better to do before a run, and others that are better done after?

One small injury can push your fitness goals further and further out of reach…so it’s important to get this right! Here are our top stretching tips to keep you running and smashing those fitness goals:

  1. Do dynamic stretches before you run

Focus on ‘dynamic stretches’ to prepare your body for a run. Bottom kicks and high knees are a fun way to warm up your leg muscles and get your heart rate up. Swinging your arms around in circles gets those biceps and triceps ready to power through!

  1. Warm up with a jog

Blitz all of those key areas all at the same time, and go for a jog to warm up. Whether you’re running a kilometre or a marathon, a light, five-minute jog will make the rest of the run so much easier.

  1. Stretch after a run…if necessary

‘Static stretches’ are stretches that are designed to improve flexibility. Research shows that static stretches are better used after a run, to stretch particular areas of the body that may feel tight. You may feel some resistance while doing these stretches, but you shouldn’t feel any sharp/intense pain – if you do, you’re doing it wrong.

  1. Breathe!

One of the best ways to ‘cool down’ is to sit down, relax, and focus on your breathing. The heavy breathing that happens after exercise is due to your increased heart rate, and this process naturally restores oxygen to your body, and expels heat and waste. So if you don’t feel up to stretching, or going for another jog after your run, it’s actually OK. J

Want to know more? Check out The Athletes Foot’s blog post on The Art of Stretching to uncover the myths & truths of stretching and don’t forget to keep us updated with your training photo via Facebook and Instagram using #BestTimeBNE!




Winter is coming and as Jon Snow keeps reminding us, we all better prepare. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not just physical strength we should be focusing on, because mental toughness is what’s really going to kick you into gear when your alarm goes off at 5am on a dark and frosty winter morning.

Despite any reservations you may have about winter, it really is the best time to get stuck into training, so in an effort to help you from giving in to the sweet siren call of your snuggly doona, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help keep your motivation high and alive.

  1. Embrace the weather

If you’ve experienced a harsh Aussie summer, then you understand that running in 38 degree heat is not ideal – suddenly winter isn’t looking to bad! Not only is it easier to exercise when the temperature drops, but you’re far less likely to suffer from heat exhaustion and throw in the towel. Added bonus: the cold air feels great against your skin once you get warm.

  1. Practical Clothing

We’ve all been there before and jumped the gun on the layering. Rugging up in a singlet, tee, jumper and scarf seems logical at first, but as your run progresses you start to get warmer and warmer and you are left trying to find places to hang layers of clothes whilst still running. Utilize clothes that use high tech fabrics, such as Brooks Infinity Running LS Tee, and always dress knowing that you WILL warm up.

  1. Grab a friend

You don’t have to go it alone, finding a friend to join is one of the easiest ways to hold yourself accountable because, a) cancelling on a friend last minute is not cool and, b) you’ll kill two-birds with one stone by socialising and exercising at the same time!

  1. Reward Yourself

Treat yourself! Don’t be afraid to reward yourself at the end of a run. It’s a great achievement, so allow yourself to have that delicious coffee or nourish yourself with a big warm breakfast.

Have you got any tips or tricks to keep motivated in winter? Let us know in the comments below or share your winter morning snaps with us on Facebook and Instagram by using #BestTimeBNE

Best Brisbane training tracks

We’ve all heard that old saying ‘variety is the spice of life’, but did you know this notion can also be applied to our exercise training routines too? Mixing up where and how you move not only keeps us from falling into a results plateau, but it also keeps things fun and fresh to help ensure you stay motivated along every step of the way, ensuring to make it to your end goal.

So whether you’re training for the 5km or 10km course, we’ve uncovered some of Brisbane’s best running tracks that’ll see you smashing out PB’s in no time! A mix of high and low intensity, this list has something for runners of all fitness levels. Ready, set, GO!

1.) Kangaroo Point Stairs

Located at the eastern end of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, the 107 long flight stairs will seriously push your fitness to soaring new heights, but don’t worry – you’ll be rewarded when you get to the top with one of the city’s most spectacular views making it all totally worth it. This high intensity workout spot is the perfect place to ramp up your strength and endurance to ensure you smash through those last few kilometres on the big day.

2.) Eildon Hill Reservoir

The Eildon Hill Reservoir is a quaint little spot nestled on the highest perch of Wilston, Windsor and the Grange. Surrounded by the steep, winding hills of Wilston, this track boasts the perfect mix of inclines and declines – hello interval training! Remember to bring your iPhone… the view from on top of the reservoir is definitely a place you can snap a pretty epic Instagram shot.

3.) Brisbane River Circuit

This one is not too hard to find and comes down to how far you wish to run, a fully customisable course, this track gives you stellar views of Brisbane’s CBD, River, Story Bridge and luscious green Southern Bank. With running and cycling tracks up and down the river, this track is the perfect spot for a post-work run to get you in the zone for the real challenge.

4.) Mt Beerwah

Mt Beerwah is back in business and ready to be conquered. Jump in the car, hit the highway and get set for a high intensity work out like no other. With beautiful views at the summit and astonishing flora and fauna to boot, Mt Beerwah will push you and your fitness to your limits.

What’s your go-to training spot in Brisbane? Let us know in the comments below.

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What’s new for Bridge To Brisbane in 2016?

They say change is as good as a holiday and here at Bridge to Brisbane Day HQ, we tend to agree, which is why we’re SO excited to let you in on some of the changes to race day in 2016 that will have you putting Bridge to Brisbane Day at the top of your bucket list!



Kicking off near the top of Roma Street Parklands in Spring Hill, the 10km route will take you over not one… but THREE iconic Brisbane bridges (have your Instagram open and at the ready for this one… and make sure you use #BestTimeBNE while you’re at it!). But wait, there’s MORE! You’ll also power through two tunnels before crossing the finish line in scenic South Bank for a day full of fun. Post-race, all Bridge to Brisbane Day runners will be treated to a selection of ‘Bib-ileges’ from select venues on Little Stanley Street. Find out more about the new 10km course right here.


The Story Bridge will be closed to become a highlight of Bridge to Brisbane Day runners in 2016. Beginning at Captain Burke Park, 5km runners with pound over the iconic Story Bridge, before looping back through Kangaroo Point and descending down to South Bank to cross the finish line in your best time ever. Find out more about the new 5km course right here.


This year the fun doesn’t stop when the race does – you can celebrate the beauty of Brisbane for the entire day in our brand new ‘Finishers Village’. South Bank will come alive with their much loved selection of restaurants and retailers who will be offering race goers exclusive bib privileges… a.k.a ‘Bib-ileges’ to enjoy and treat yourself with after the race.


Early bird entries are now OPEN and will be available until Sunday 3 July, so if you want to ensure you score yourself a spot at Brisbane’s best day… hop to it –the 2016 event is strictly capped at 30,000 participants.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now and get set for a day full of fun and fitness and find out why Bridge to Brisbane Day is Brisbane’s most celebrated fun run.

…And once you’ve started your Bridge to Brisbane Day journey, keep us up to date by using #BestTimeBNE across Facebook and Instagram!

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